Dental Prosthetics

Prosthetic treatment enables permanent and highly aesthetic restoration and replacement of the missing teeth. The latest advancements in dental sciences offer each patient a wide range of individual solutions and treatments.
Our treatment programme includes the highest quality porcelain crowns that restore the defective tooth and additionally prevent it from future tooth decay.:


  • standard porcelain
  • porcelain on gold base
  • porcelain on cercon base with highly-aesthetic effect
  • all-ceramic crowns with highly-aesthetic effect

Bridges are prosthesis that restore and replace the permanently missing teeth. They can only be placed if the neighboring natural teeth are retained. Bridges are highly aesthetic and convenient to use prosthetic restoratives that perfectly imitate the natural dentition.

  • standard porcelain
  • porcelain on gold base
  • porcelain on cercon base
  • adhesive bridges

New !!!!!

Glass abutment system bridges

ZX-27 glass abutment system is unique because it eliminates the problem of the missing own pillar teeth that are usually necessary for the application of fix dental prosthesis. Moreover, there is no need for any surgical intervention. ZX-27 glass abutments are fabricated of special material that is adjusted to the alveolar process in the toothless parts of maxilla and mandible and therefore replace the missing own pillar teeth. Each patient receives his/her own personal ZX-27 glass abutment made of a prefabricated piece treated both thermally and mechanically by certified dental technicians to match exactly his/her alveolar process.

It may be successfully applied both with alveolar arches shortened at one and/or both ends and for supporting fix prosthesis thus solving the problem of extensive bridging. It is a great alternative for patients who are unfit for implant treatment.

Our ZX 27 Attractive Glass Abutment is protected with world trademark and has been awarded the highest quality certificate ISO 9002 as well as European Quality Mark as a tested medical product.

The crown-root inlays restore the missing crown if the natural tooth root is retained.

1) Individual crown-tooth inlays

  • chrome-cobalt-cast framework
  • cast-gold
  • porcelain

2) Standard

  • fiberglass
  • titanium
  • 3) Porcelain veneers

4) Onlays

5) Inlays

  • z włókna szklanego
  • tytanowe
  • Licówki porcelanowe
  • Onlay
  • Inlay

Dentures are movable prosthesis that can be removed by the patien

Skeletal-on a cast-metal framework

  • with cast-clasp embracing the teeth-the clasps might be visible on veneers
  • on ceka-revax and bredent pins-highly cosmetic, metallic parts that remain invisible even with a toothy smile
  • Acrylic

standard dentures

  • on a soft acrylic lining that improves the comfort and prevents abrasions and sore mouth
  • flexible Valplast system
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