Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry tackles carious cavities and aims at tooth decay prevention. Let’s begin with prevention. If we manage to prevent caries effectively, we will not have to tackle its damaging results such as cavities occurring in the enamel or dentine. Nowadays, these types of cavities are filled with composite materials or light-cured compomers. The widespread use of good local anaesthetics prevents the patients from any pain or discomfort.

By imitating the natural shade and translucency of dental tissue the fillings give satisfactory aesthetic effect. In our clinic we use the highest-quality materials available. For direct restorations, which are placed immediately in the course of a single visit, we use composite materials that mimic natural shade and translucency of tooth enamel. Composites are modern dental materials characterized by reduced “polymerization shrinkage” that eliminates fissures and helps to prevent future occurrences of secondary caries on the edge of the new filling. All the materials we use are perfectly polishable which is yet another feature that only adds to their durability. Hybrid composites also demonstrate increased level of mechanical durability and are highly resistant to wear.

We use the latest technology composites to provide highly-aesthetic fillings and restorations whose major advantage is the fact that they give the tooth natural looking effect and are invisible even in the ultraviolet light (e.g. in the discotheque)

We use the following types of fillings:


Our goal is to provide all our patients with the best treatment in a friendly and reassuring atmosphere. Our dentists devote a lot of time to discuss the patient’s general mouth condition and after a thorough examination the patient is presented with an individual and affordable treatment plan that matches his/her expectations.

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